Blackford Analysis develops a suite of productivity software tools designed to accelerate routine radiology – saving time and increasing radiologist capacity. To be integrated directly into any PACS system, Blackford Analysis brings the power of specialist, high-end applications to routine radiology.

The Blackford software suite uses cutting-edge algorithms and takes advantage of multi-core processing technologies to allow near-instant registration of current and previous volumes of tomographic scans, including those from different scanners, such as CT, MRI and PET. No alteration is made to the raw slice data, guaranteeing the authenticity of the final output.

These navigational tools provide radiologists with an average time-saving of 10%-20% on every read, leaving more time for comparison and allowing production of better reports more quickly.

In a typical PACS environment, a radiologist will spend a significant portion of their reading-time navigating between cross-sectional examinations. This will usually involve several mouse clicks and scrolling manually through hundreds or thousands of slices to find the same location to compare. Blackford’s Matched Crosshair tool can enhance any PACS system to allow the radiologist to instantly find the same location on multiple scans from different times and/or different modalities (e.g. CT with MRI), all with a single click.
Integrates with existing PACS systems